EAE – Polytechnic

1. Introduction

2. Timeline

Poly Early Admissions Exercise (EAE)

Unlike the DSA – JC, the Polytechnic Early Admissions Exercise (EAE) begins in June rather than May. Similarly, this exercise grants the applicant entry into the polytechnic of their choice before students receive their O-level exam results. This annual exercise takes place from June – October.

In this case, the Poly EAE is open to a broader group of students, being eligible for application for: (In accordance with the Ministry of Education (MOE) 

  1. As mentioned earlier, students taking their O-Levels 
  2. ITE students who are in the final year of their Nitec or Higher Nitec courses.
  3. International students in government, government-aided and independent schools who are sitting for the O-Level examinations in the year of the application.

The EAE is also open to working adults, in accordance with the EAE portal:

  1. Adults (Singapore Citizen or Permanent Residents only) who have two or more years of relevant work experience can apply for the Poly EAE

The EAE adopts a holistic approach when assessing applicants for admission, allowing them to showcase merits beyond their academic pursuits. 

Different CCAs visual

The EAE is primarily intended for students with strong aptitudes and interests in areas related to the diploma course they’re applying for. During the selection process, the schools may also look at achievements related to sports, arts, leadership, entrepreneurship and even community service hours. 

Applicants can express their interests in a total of 3 diploma courses rather than just 1. Candidates should visit their desired Polytechnic’s website and take note of start and end dates for the application process.

  • To note: Applicants who have previously or are currently enrolled in polytechnics are not eligible to apply.


20 – 26 June, 2024 

Application Stage

Applicants should prepare to:

  • Decide on their interested diploma courses  (Each applicant can submit up to 3 courses, keep in mind that you cannot switch after submitting your application.) 
  • Past academic performance
  • Compile their portfolio showcasing relevant talents and achievements.
  • Attach their CCA records
  • Undergo interviews and aptitude tests
  • Find out the “R2” of the relevant diploma course (R2: 2 relevant subjects for the polytechnic course applied for.)

1 July – 27 Aug, 2024

Selection Stage

  • Polytechnics will contact shortlisted applicants for interviews.

2pm on 6 Sep – 11 Sep, 2024

Offer and Acceptance Stage

  • If successful, students will receive a notification of the release of the Poly EAE posting results via email/SMS. 

  • Keep in mind that students can only accept one offer. If students receive an offer they wish to accept, they would have to submit their acceptance to the school before the end of this phase or it will be deemed as a rejection. 
  • Students will have then secured their place in that school (given they meet the minimum entry requirements.

12 Sep – 11 Oct, 2024

Withdrawal Stage

  • Students can cancel their acceptance via the Poly EAE portal during this phase if they happen to change their mind. Failure to do so would mean that Students would be unable to switch courses or polytechnics as their placement would be secured. 
  • They would have to do so in order to participate in the Joint Admissions Exercise (JAE).

Students are encouraged to conduct thorough research on the various schools and courses available to them in order to make well-informed decisions. By taking the time to explore their options and gather relevant information, students can ensure that they choose a path that aligns with their interests, goals, and aspirations. 

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