Teaching Methodology

Secondary Science Tuition

Using the constructivist approach, we cater to the varied learning styles of our students. This is achieved through our dedicated teachers who go the extra mile to identify the learning needs of the individual students. By activating the child’s conscious incompetence, we would gain understanding of the child’s level of awareness and and gradually reach to the stage of mastery. We emphasize strongly on the interactions the learner have with our educators as they scaffold our learners to enhance their knowledge without becoming frustrated by things that are too arduous for them to accomplish.

The other key component is the controlled class sizes of our tuition groups. By having small class sizes of a maximum of 6 students, we are able to cater to every student and help them deliver significantly better results in their academic performance.
We ensure that the contents taught are simplified and adhered to the MOE syllabus. We would simplify the syllabus contents into specific skill sets so that our students are able to string up related content in order to achieve a highly coherent understanding. As the studying regime gets more rigorous, we help enlighten students by breaking down concepts into bite-sized information and teach them the step-by-step process of tackling problems.