Happy Tutors Student Care Services 

Student Care Services for Primary and Secondary students

Group photo of Student Care students

At Happy Tutors, we offer interactive and comprehensive student care services for our learners. We ensure that our learners continue to thrive in a learner-centered environment that promotes academic- focused activities.

We place strong emphasis on socio-emotional development such as building positive mindsets and heighten self-efficacy. As students encapsulate these life skills, they build a solid foundation for effective learning.

In Happy Tutors SCC programmes, learners would be exposed to literacy activities and current affairs through weekly sharing of newspaper articles.

They would also be engaged in gross and fine motor skills through outdoor activities and hands-on arts and craft.

Our SCC serves well balanced and healthy meals on a daily basis to ensure that they receive the adequate nutrients for their growing needs.

Children are encouraged to develop independence and social skills during mealtimes by putting away and washing their cutlery/plates and cups after completing their meals.

Tuition lesson at our Student Care
Primary School Students at our Student care centre
Happy Tutors Premium Student Care
Focus Time during the afternoon hours