Physics Tuition Classes

Mr Jack Wang teaches physics concepts
Mr Jack Wang and his students

A Level Physics Tuition (H2 Physics Tuition & H1 Physics Tuition)

We help students who are struggling with physics in their A-levels physics exams. Our experienced Physics tutors prepare tailor-made weekly lessons to the students according to their requirement and speed of learning, minimising their areas of weakness.

The weekly focused practice sessions help students process information and achieve a high degree of retention. Difficult topics like Gravitational Field, Electromagnetic Induction and Quantum Physics are all dissected and delivered to our students in an easy to understand manner.

The time-efficient manner in which the students acquire deep understanding of each topic makes our JC Physics tuition classes highly effective and has proven successful over the many years it has been running.

For those who seek knowledge beyond their school’s physics practices, our vast library of selected H2 Physics and H1 physics practice questions are available for our students’ additional practice.

What’s offered in our A Level Physics Tuition Classes?

  • A proven method to understand and learn Physics topics and solve Physics problems effectively
  • Clear awareness of the differences and difficulty level between the H1 Physics and H2 Physics syllabus
  • Weekly Physics Lecture, Tutorial, and Practice all-in-one sessions
  • Learn ahead of school physics lectures to cope much better with JC life
  • Concise notes for every Physics chapter meant to help students recall information easily
  • Selected Physics Practice questions aimed at tackling the school exams and the A-Levels
  • Our Experienced Physics Tutors provide support and helpline even after class ends
  • We train our students to familiarise themselves with the A Level Physics Formula Sheet
Junior College tuition

Our classes are designed to help students achieve better results in Physics by providing them with a comprehensive understanding of the subject and teaching them proven techniques to excel in this subject.

Our Physics classes are taught by our experienced tutors who are passionate in education. Our tutors have many years of experience teaching Physics to students of all levels, and are dedicated to helping students achieve their academic goals. They provide individual attention and guidance to each student to help them achieve their potential and will make sure that every student is clear with the concepts taught before moving forward.

Mr Jack Wang teaching Physics concepts to his students.

We use a proven method to help students understand and learn Physics topics and solve Physics problems effectively. Our weekly Physics lecture, tutorial, and practice all-in-one sessions help students to consolidate their understanding of the subject. We also encourage and help our students to learn ahead of school Physics lectures to cope better with their school curriculum.

Concise notes are provided for every Physics chapter, which are meant to help students recall information easily. These notes are designed to help students focus on the most important information and concepts in Physics. In addition, we also provide selected Physics practice questions aimed at tackling the school exams and the A-Levels, so that our students are well-prepared for their exams.

Our experienced Physics tutors provide support and helpline even after our class ends. We believe that students should have access to their tutors whenever they need help, and we are committed to providing ongoing support to our students.

Our students are trained to familiarize themselves with the A Level Physics Formula Sheet, which is an important resource for students taking the A-Levels. Our tutors provide guidance on how to use the formula sheet effectively, so that students are well-prepared for their exams.

Our goal is to provide students with a comprehensive understanding of Physics for every topic that are being covered, so that they can achieve their academic goals and pursue their passions.

Mr Jack Wang

Mr Jack Wang

B.Eng (Hons) – NUS Material Science
13 years experience in teaching O Level and A Level Physics & Chemistry

Mr Jack Wang is an NUS engineering graduate majoring in Material Science. He has emerged from the engineering industry with a strong passion in contributing to education scene, using his experiences in industry to help students understand topics better.

Jack is dedicated to improving the learning experiences of all the students at Happy Tutors.

Mr Noel Chia

Mr Noel Chia

Degree in Psychology
5 years experience in teaching Primary and Secondary Science

Mr Noel Chia comes from a diverse background, possessing a degree in Psychology and a diploma in Chemical Engineering. He is very personable and builds a strong rapport with his students.

The mix of technical knowledge and soft skills allows him to deliver highly effective lessons to his students. Believing that the role of the teacher is to simplify learning and build passion in his learners, Mr Chia spares no effort when it comes to preparing better lessons for his students.

In the past years that he has been teaching with Happy Tutors, his students have all seen tremendous improvement and have stated Mr Chia as the major contributing factor toward their success.