Physics Tuition Classes

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A Level Physics Tuition (H2 Physics Tuition & H1 Physics Tuition)

We help students who are struggling with physics in their A-levels physics exams.

Our experienced Physics tutors prepare tailor-made weekly lessons to the students according to their requirement and speed of learning, minimising their areas of weakness.

The weekly focused practice sessions help students process information and achieve a high degree of retention. Difficult topics like Gravitational Field, Electromagnetic Induction and Quantum Physics are all dissected and delivered to our students in an easy to understand manner.

The time-efficient manner in which the students acquire deep understanding of each topic makes our JC Physics tuition classes highly effective and has proven successcul over the many years it has been running.

For those who seek knowledge beyond their school’s physics practices, our vast library of selected H2 Physics and H1 physics practice questions are available for our students’ additional practice.

What’s offered in our A Level Physics Tuition Classes?

  • A proven method to understand and learn Physics topics and solve Physics problems effectively
  • We are clearly aware of the differences between our H1 Physics and H2 Physics syllabus and provide such physics tuition classes at the correct difficulty for H1 Physics students
  • Weekly Physics Lecture, Tutorial, and Practice all-in-one sessions
  • Learn ahead of school physics lectures to cope much better with JC life
  • Concise notes for every Physics chapter meant to help students recall information easily
  • Selected Physics Practice questions aimed at tackling the school exams and the A-Levels
  • Our Experienced Physics Tutors provide support and helpline even after class ends
  • We train our students to familiarise themselves with the A Level Physics Formula Sheet
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