Our Teachers

The tutors at Happy Tutors ensure that children learn ahead of the class and with the introduction of new topics, our students will be equipped with the knowledge and disposition to unravel the answer to rigorous assessments. Our dedicated tutors are available during school holidays as well, and would enforce extensive revision sessions for our students to further corroborate their understanding of what has been taught in school.

Mr Jack Wang

Mr Jack Wang

B.Eng (Hons) – NUS Material Science
13 years experience in teaching O Level and A Level Physics & Chemistry

Mr Jack Wang is an NUS engineering graduate majoring in Material Science. He has emerged from the engineering industry with a strong passion in contributing to education scene, using his experiences in industry to help students understand topics better.

Jack is dedicated to improving the learning experiences of all the students at Happy Tutors.

Mr Jacques See

Mr Jacques See

B.Sc – NUS Life Science

20 years experience in Education & Enrichment


Mr Jacques See deep involvement in the sciences has enabled him to recreate unique experiences for the science classes here at Happy Tutors.

Mr Noel Chia

Mr Noel Chia

Degree in Psychology
5 years experience in teaching Primary and Secondary Science

Mr Noel Chia comes from a diverse background, possessing a degree in Psychology and a diploma in Chemical Engineering. He is very personable and builds a strong rapport with his students.

The mix of technical knowledge and soft skills allows him to deliver highly effective lessons to his students. Believing that the role of the teacher is to simplify learning and build passion in his learners, Mr Chia spares no effort when it comes to preparing better lessons for his students.

In the past years that he has been teaching with Happy Tutors, his students have all seen tremendous improvement and have stated Mr Chia as the major contributing factor toward their success.


Teacher Serene - Senior Teacher, PSLE Science, O Level Chemistry

Ms Serene Lim

B.Sc – LSE Business
13 years experience in teaching Primary English and Maths

Ms Serene Lim has been tutoring since 2008. Her dedication goes beyond teaching subject related content, often extending to give advice to her students on how to best cope with school and achieve greater performance.

For that reason, her students enjoy her classes tremendously as they feel really taken care of in her classes, propelling them to greater heights.

Mr Noel Chia

Ms Lee May Yee

Diploma in Chinese Studies specialising in Education
3 years experience in teaching PSLE and O Level Chinese

Ms Lee graduated with a Chinese studies major and has been successfully leading her students through their Chinese Language studies for the past 3 years. Her dedication can be seen in the way she patiently leads discussions with her students, and exploring the varied use of language expressions.

As a result her students have all seen improvement and love to attend her classes. Her specialty is in teaching Secondary Chinese and her students have seen a great record of performance over the years.


Teacher Serene - Senior Teacher, PSLE Science, O Level Chemistry

Ms Gladys Teo

Dip Early Childhood – NIEC
6 years experience in teaching English & Phonics

Miss Gladys Teo has taught English and Phonics at various enrichment and tutorial centres prior to joining Happy Tutors as a full-time tutor.

Equipped a respository of experience, Miss Gladys Teo ensures that her classes are engaging and interactive. She provides ample opportunities for learners to explore the complexities of the English language and interact with the resources she meticulously prepares.

Mr. Eric Nicholas Kepawitono

B.Sc – NTU Physics
4 years experience in teaching MathEmatics

Mr Eric Nicholas Kepawitono takes pride in building the foundation stones of students who are pursuing their relevant educational milestones. Having taken the path of teaching and tutoring for no fewer than four years including a one–year stint in a private school, he has amassed a wealth of experience in the field of Mathematics.

As an avid enthusiast in the Mathematics subjects during his years as a student, Mr Eric recognises the importance of understanding mathematical concepts beyond mere memorisation of textbook formulae. He endeavours to lead his students towards excellence in Mathematics whilst providing them with opportunities to appreciate the beauty of Mathematics.

Mdm To KY

Ex-MOE English Teacher

Mdm To KY boasts a hefty resume of over 40 years of teaching experience. Her experience has enabled her to develop a unique and effective teaching style that has resulted in her students achieving outstanding results. She is a highly accomplished professional with over 4 decades of experience in the academic field. 

Mr Jonathan Cheng

Mr Jonathan Cheng

B.A – NTU Linguistics
3 years experience in teaching PSLE and O’level English

Mr Jonathan Cheng is a NTU Linguistics major whose love and passion for the languages is exuded in the lively ways which he conducts his classes. Having helped students in the English language and creative expression through the PSLE & O Levels, his lessons bring students through a journey of highly varied and memorable experiences where the essential language skills are imparted.