Other Enrichment Programmes

Field Trips

One of the best forms of learning is to gain practical knowledge, associate learning in the class to the outdoors and experience life and lessons beyond the confines of the classroom.

At Happy Tutors, we emphasise holistic learning and make it a point to bring our students to field trips to help our students immerse themselves in the acquisition of knowledge. Our students would be involved in practical and hands-on learning experiences to help them retain information and have a deeper comprehension of subjects.

Our field trips are meticulously planned to reinforce our classroom learning and broaden their understanding of the world. By interacting with the environment and their peers, it stimulates the growth of interpersonal and problem-solving skills and allows our learners to emerge as a creative and analytical citizen.

Coding Classes

Apart from our immersive field trips, we conduct coding classes for our students to ignite our student’s creativity and explore learning beyond their capabilities. By the end of the Coding workshops, our students would be empowered with a new skill set and feel a sense of accomplishment as they have achieved, and executed a complicated task.

As our learners learn to code, they learn more than just a computer language, but also develop a dynamic mindset to resolve problems that will greatly affect their future endeavours.

With a great mindset and the ability to express oneself, our learners are able to take this learned methodology and enable them to easily tackle academic subjects such as Creative Writing, Mathematics and even Physics.