Happy Tutors Online Tuition 

Hassle Free Online Tuition Classes for Primary and Secondary students
Effective online tuition classes

Happy Tutors online tuition is a specialized service which strives to provide great flexibility to parents and students. These extensive classes offer bespoke courses accommodate to the student’s schedule to help our learners interact with our tutors at their own pace. 

We track students’ progress during class and through homework assignments by using our specialised services to gain perceptions into their learning aptitudes and propose differentiated resources attuning to their learning needs. In each online classes, stringent learning objectives are set and we make sure these learning objectives are met.

Dedicated Teachers

Our teachers are dedicated in ensuring that every student’s learning progress is their top priority. We ensure that our teachers are trained and qualified so rest assured that your child is in good hands.

Personalised Resources

Our resources are curated based on current schools’ syllabus. We cater to each and every student’s learning pace and ability when disseminating the resources.

Flexible Schedule

We try our best to cater to each individual’s schedule and allocate the most suitable timeslot for you.

Unique Learning System

Our centre adopts a unique system which specialises in Spaced and Retrieval method. These has been proven effective in the retention of concepts which aid in the learning of our students. In this process, an improvement in results are shown.