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Math Tuition

At Happy Tutors Learning Centre, our students are exposed to a wide range of problem solving techniques that are essential to help them tackle Mathematics problems effectively. These includes the understanding of key concepts, how to master problem-solving skills and developing their critical thinking skills. Our tutors will provide individual attention and guidance to each student making sure that they can understand before moving on to the next topic.

For Primary students, our tuition classes are designed to focus on helping students build strong foundational skills in Mathematics. We emphases on develop their problem-solving skills which can help build their confidence in Mathematics. We adopt a wide range of techniques, including games and puzzles, to make learning Mathematics fun and engaging.

For Secondary students, our classes will cover a range of topics including Algebra, Geometry, Trigonometry, and Calculus. Classes are designed to help students build on their foundation and develop advanced problem-solving skills. Our weekly lessons include summaries and practice questions tailored to the needs of our students, helping them to revise and reinforce the concepts they have learned in school.

For Junior College students, our classes are designed to help students develop a deeper understanding of Mathematics and apply their knowledge to solve complex problems. Our weekly lecture, tutorial, and practice sessions, as well as well-curated notes and practice questions are aimed at helping students tackle the school exams and the A-Levels.

Primary School and PSLE Math Tuition

Primary Math Tuition

It is essential for children to have a good grasp of Math not only to excel in school, but also to carry out daily activities.

In school, Math is a core subject that students cannot avoid. It will also be the basis for other subjects in future, such as the sciences.

Hence, it is critical for children to have a strong foundation in Math from young so that they are well-prepared to handle more complex problems further down the line.

Math tuition classes at Happy Tutors are taught by trained ex-MOE Math teachers and subject specialists with outstanding academic backgrounds in Math.

Our Math tutors instil a love for the subject in your child and provide rigorous practice to build up his/her confidence in Math.

What’s in our Primary School Math Tuition Classes?

  1. Small group classes to maximise attention and learning effectiveness for each child
  2. Pace ahead of school to gain confidence and advantage over peers
  3. Math heuristics to understand and solve problems quickly and accurately
  4. Rigorous practice through topical revision worksheets and practice papers
  5. Equip children with structured approach to develop clarity of thought and avoid careless mistakes
  6. Patient and motivating tutors who will instil confidence in your child and help him/her develop a passion for Math
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Secondary School and O/N Levels Math Tuition

Secondary Math Tuition

Secondary School Math requires students to have a firm understanding of the concepts and strong problem-solving skills. The pace in school also moves quickly, which makes it difficult for some students to catch up or even excel.

Since Elementary Mathematics (E Math) is a compulsory subject for O/N Levels, students will need a good grade in E Math to apply for their ideal courses in Poly or JC. A good grasp of the concepts here will also be critical for students’ further studies in future.

In Additional Mathematics (A Math), math problems are more rigorous and students have to be familiar with more complex concepts and formulas.

E and A Math tuition classes at Happy Tutors are taught by trained ex-MOE Math teachers and subject specialists with outstanding academic backgrounds in Math, who will help students excel in Math throughout their Sec 1 to Sec 5 years.

What’s in our Secondary School Math Tuition Classes?

  • Small group classes for each student to learn at their best pace and effectiveness
  • Targeted, rigorous practice through topical revision worksheets and practice papers
  • Equip students with structured approach to develop clarity of thought and avoid careless mistakes
  • Engaging lessons to dispel any fear or dread for Math and instil a passion for the subject
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Searching for the right mathematics tuition in Singapore for your child can be a crucial decision in their academic journey. At Happy Tutors Learning Centre, we understand the importance of providing top-quality education and a nurturing environment for your child to excel. Our math programs are meticulously designed to cater to the Singapore Primary, Secondary and Junior College syllabus, aligning with MOE guidelines.

In our mathematics lessons, students will acquire a wide range of skills that will have practical applications in their real life. Below are some key math skills and their real-life relevance:

Problem-Solving: Our lessons teaches students how to analyze and solve complex problems. This skill is invaluable in everyday life when making decisions, resolving issues or tackling challenges.

Critical Thinking: Mathematics fosters critical thinking by encouraging students to evaluate information, make reasoned judgments and draw logical conclusions. This skill is applicable in decision-making and assessing the credibility of information.

Mathematical Symbols

Numeracy: Basic numeracy skills, such as arithmetic and working with numbers are essential for managing finances, understanding data, and making everyday calculations.

Geometry: Understanding geometric concepts is practical when designing spaces, working in construction or engineering and even for everyday tasks.

Statistics: Statistics skills enable individuals to interpret data, make informed decisions and assess the likelihood of events. This is crucial for many fields.

Mathematical Skills

Algebra: Algebraic skills are essential for problem-solving, making predictions and analyzing patterns, which are applicable in various STEM fields, economics and even computer programming.

Calculus: While more advanced, calculus helps in understanding change, rates, and motion. It’s highly relevant in physics, engineering, and economics, among other disciplines.

Math Calculus Visual

Probability: Probability skills are used in risk assessment, decision-making, and understanding uncertain outcomes in various scenarios, such as insurance.

Data Analysis: With the increasing importance of data, skills in data analysis, including using software like spreadsheets, are crucial for fields like business, science, and research.

Measurement: Measurement skills are practical in everyday life for cooking, DIY projects, and even in professional fields like carpentry, fashion design, and surveying.

Math Probability Visual

Financial Literacy: Math lessons often cover financial topics like interest, investments, and budgeting, which are essential for managing personal finances and making informed financial decisions.

Logical Reasoning: Math encourages logical reasoning, which is not only relevant for problem-solving but also for making informed arguments and decisions in various contexts.

Mathematical Financial Literacy

At Happy Tutors Learning Centre, our mathematics tuition aims to develop essential skills, such as a deep understanding of mathematical concepts, effective problem-solving abilities and exam-specific strategies. We understand your concerns and aspirations for your child’s education. Hence, our dedicated team is committed to providing a supportive and enriching learning experience that helps your child excel in mathematics and sets them on a path to academic success.