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As an A-levels tuition centre, we maximise the study time of each student so that they can learn most effectively in their busy schedules.

H1 and H2 subject differences are clearly defined in our classes so that there is no confusion regarding the scope of exams. The classes are taught by subject experts who can clearly explain the concepts for students to understand and apply quickly in the practices that they face.

As the JC Tuition classes proceed, students progress from topical lectures and practices, to intensive exam-focused practices and technique revision.

By teaching students the technical aspects of learning and exams, they will gain confidence in their preparation for the A level examinations. For every topic taught, summary notes are provided to strengthen students’ acquisition of the key concepts.

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What is included in our A Level Tuition Classes

  1. Concise Lectures that deliver an impactful understanding of the lesson topic
  2. Selected practice questions to apply specific skills of each topic
  3. H1 & H2 differentiation in scope of so that H1 students can focus on the scope within their own exams
  4. Community of support between students and tutors to address students’ full range of learning needs

Subjects offered for our A Level Tuition Classes

  • General Paper Tuition
  • H1 Physics Tuition
  • H2 Physics Tuition
  • H1 Chemistry Tuition
  • H2 Chemistry Tuition
  • H1 Mathematics Tuition
  • H2 Mathematics Tuition

Our Highlights

Students being tutored by Mr Jack Wang
JC study group


Ho Kum Seng

My son was JC1 last year 2023 under your guidance had improved tremendous. Thank you for your help and tuition method. Small class size and patient tutors.


Edusave Award Parent Testimonial

Ezann Leow

Went for chemistry and physics a level tuition here, which pulled my grades from a U to an A. teachers are dedicated and very knowledgeable in the content they teach. Highly recommend!