Junior College Tuition 

At Happy Tutors, we aim to build on the student’s foundation and facilitating them to plough through the various levels of difficulty in each topic. We would work on the questions from individual topics before tackling the comprehensive questions from a plethora of topics. Subsequently, students would work on past A-level papers and past year papers from other JCs under exam conditions to boost their confidence for their academic assessments. For every topic taught, summary notes are provided to strengthen their acquisition of the key concepts.

The International Baccalaureate (IB) Singapore programme has a different course from the conventional education system, hence many students may feel exasperated when facing with the IB curriculum. The IB curriculum emphasises on academic study, cultivating positive attitudes and understanding societal differences. Our IB tutors can promptly pinpoint impediments in our student’s learning and deliver a customised lesson plan to address problematic assessments.

Our Highlights