Intensive Crash Courses

Primary School Preparatory Programme

Primary One Preparatory Programme

The transition from kindergarten to primary one could be a daunting adjustment. Some pre-schoolers may require supplementary coaching to acquire the confidence in the particular subject before they start formal school.

Our specially designed Preparatory Programmes for Preschool children helps our young learners bridge the transition between the kindergarten and the primary one curriculum.

The main objectives of our preparatory classes are to strengthen the fundamentals, cultivate an interest and help to reduce the pressure when primary school starts.

A small class size is kept to ensure that our tutors pay close attention to our learners with different learning styles and standards.

Algebra Programme for Upper Primary

Algebra is the language of using letters to represent numbers and will often be used in Secondary school and later years.

Upon attending our Algebra Programme, students are provided with a great opportunity to build the foundation to solve arduous mathematical sums and deepen their understanding of Algebra.

By learning the various concepts needed in Algebra, students could work around the problem of learning the model method and for advanced students to use a quicker method to solve mathematical problems.

We understand that the model method introduced in schools might not be effective for all, hence we equip our students with more efficient methods to solve challenging word problems in PSLE and in secondary school via a highly visual and intuitive method.

Algebra focused lesson for upper primary students
A and O Level Physics Classes

Headstart Physics for A and O level Programme

At Happy Tutors, we provide Headstart Programmes for our O and A level students.

By scrutinising the problem areas of each student in their examinations, we establish a highly customised programme to strengthen their areas of weakness and prepare them for next academic year.

We provide ample practices of other school examination papers to increase students’ exposure to challenging questions and heighten their aptitude to answer questions with varying difficulties.

During the programme, students are encouraged to discover their competence and work towards mastery of the subject.