What is LEAPS 2.0?

The LEAPS 2.0 system builds on the original LEAPS system, with LEAPS standing for: Leadership, Enrichment, Achievement, Participation and Service, which is a student-centred, values-driven education model based on the goals of the Ministry of Education (MOE). LEAPS 2.0 was created as a framework in order to emphasise holistic development, to encourage students to not only put in effort in their academics but also in their co-curricular activities within the school.

Upon graduation, students’ co-curricular achievements will be rated accordingly on a 3 pointer scale: Excellent -> Good -> Fair. Depending on the level students receive, ratings can then be converted into bonus points which will serve as a helping hand for post-secondary school acceptance (Junior Colleges / Polytechnics / Institutes of Technical Education). The maximum amount of bonus points awarded is 2 (Excellent) and the lowest is a 0 (Fair).

Students will be accessed across 4 domains:
– Participation
– Service
– Leadership
– Achievement


This domain is rather self-explanatory, it simply measures effective student participation in their CCA. As a means of encouraging students to commit to one CCA of their choice and not toggle between them, students who maintain one CCA will be rewarded a higher level of participation.

LEAPS Participation Visual

Students will have to hit at least 75% in attendance in their chosen CCA and level of attainment will depend on: 

  1. Number of years of participation (with at least 75%)
  2. Good conduct and actively contributing to the CCA 

For instance, level 1 is attained by Student A who participated in any CCA for 2 years with at least 75% attendance for each year. Level 5 is attained by Student B who participated in the same CCA for 4 years with at least 75% attendance for each year and demonstrated exemplary conduct and active contribution.


This domain intends to encourage students to “contribute meaningfully to the community”. It will be compulsory for every secondary school student to take part in at least 6 hours of community work per school year, making the bare minimum at least 24 hours of community service upon graduation. In order to achieve a higher level of attainment, students will have to participate in Values-In-Action (VIA) projects on a school or community level.

LEAPS Service Visual

Projects can involve a multitude of areas from community outreach, elderly outreach, outreach to disadvantaged communities or environmental based community work. 

Level of attainment will depend on: 

  1. Hours spent on community work
  2. VIA Projects student was involved in


Another rather self-explanatory domain, this domain measures the leadership roles undertaken by students. Leadership encourages personal growth and development where students have to work in a team and act as a leader in their team (be it on a class level/school level/cca level).


LEAPS Leadership Visual

Level of attainment will depend on:

  1. Leadership role played by the student

For instance, level 2 is awarded to class committee members while level 4 will be awarded to senior prefects and/or chairpersons on a school wide level. 


There are 2 components in this domain the first being representation and the second being accomplishment. 

Representation: In this category, representation is understood as representing the school through competition, performance, or contributions on a local or international stage. For instance, representing the school locally by competing in the Singapore Youth Festival. 

LEAPS Achievement Visual

Accomplishment: Accomplishment simply means winning awards at the events where the student has represented the school. For instance, being awarded a certificate of distinction at the Singapore Youth Festival where you performed. 

Level of attainment will depend on: 

  1. What stage you represented the school on (intra-school, local, international -> this is rare)
  2. How many years you took part in said representation
  3. Placement achieved 
CCA Attainment Details
Excellent (2 bonus points)

Student attains a minimum level 3 in all 4 domains with at least a level 4 in 1 domain.

Good (1 bonus point)

Student attains a minimum level 1 in all 4 domains with any one of the following:

1. at least level 2 in 2 domains

2. at least level 2 in 1 domain and at least level 3 in another domain

3. at least level 4 in 1 domain

Fair (no points) No points

To strive for an excellent attainment which is 2 bonus points, students will have to achieve a minimum of level 3 in all 4 domains and at least a level 4 in any one. While this may sound overwhelming to achieve, throughout your child’s secondary school journey, there will be plenty of opportunities for them to prove themselves and push themselves to achieve. This is why finding a perfect fit of a CCA for your child is important, it’ll lead them to greater heights if they are actually engaging in something of their interest.

And of course good grades and hard work are still important elements of achieving the post secondary school of your child’s choice.

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