Starting from this year (2024), the Express, N(A), and N(T) streams will be phased out. Instead, students will be assigned to secondary schools through three Posting Groups. To put it simply, these posting groups, G1, G2, G3 are the equivalent of what was once known as the N(T), N(A) and Express streams (with G1 being NT and so on). 

These Posting Groups will determine the admission process for secondary schools and assist in determining the initial subject levels students can undertake at the beginning of Secondary One. The previous scoring system of the T-score, which reflected how well students did in comparison with their peers, will be replaced with a scoring system known as the Achievement Levels (ALs). This change, according to MOE, was implemented to reflect the degree to which students have met curriculum objectives rather than as a means of comparison. 

What are the 8 Achievement Levels (ALs)?

Each PSLE subject will be scored across 8 ALs, with 1 being a representative of the highest scores and 8 being a representative of the lowest. Similar to the O’level banding, the scores for each band (1-8) will be scored on a range. For example, AL1 is a score of 90 and above and AL2 is a score of 85-89 (and so on and so forth). The same AL will be assigned to students who perform similarly in each subject.

Each subject’s score will be added together to determine your child’s PSLE score. There are 29 possible total scores, from 4 – 32, with 4 being the best.

For example: 

  • English Language: AL2 (Score of 85)
  • Mother Tongue Language: AL3 (Score of 80)
  • Mathematics: AL5 (Score of 65)
  • Science: AL2 (Score of 86)

Total PSLE Score: 12 

With a PSLE score of 12, when entering Secondary 1, that child can take subjects at the G3 level (previously known as the Express level).

PSLE Scores and the Posting Groups

Psle Score Posting Group(s) Indicative level for most subjects at start of Sec 1
4 – 20 3 G3
21- 22 2 or 3 G2 or G3
23 – 24 2 G2
25 1 or 2 G1 or G2
26 – 30 (with AL 7 or better in MA & EL) 1 G1

If your child is taking foundation subjects:

Your child will be scored on an AL of A, B and C. For the Secondary posting process, students’ overall PSLE score will be calculated by converting Foundation Level AL A to AL C to the Standard Level equivalents of AL 6 to AL 8.

Grades Raw Mark Range Standard Level Equivalent AL
A 75 – 100 6
B 30 – 74 7
C < 30 8

As part of MOE’s efforts to “help children discover and develop their strengths and interests”,  students will be able to adjust their subject levels as they progress, depending on their strengths, interests and learning requirements.

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