Happy Tutors Community Projects

In 2020, after the expansion of Happy Tutors from the western to the eastern parts of Singapore, we moved to tackle the other obstacles that prevented students from getting access to quality education support services. We began our outreach efforts into the social services organisations in order to extend support for the financially disadvantaged. We became a member of the Singapore Centre for Social Enterprise, recognised for our service to the community.

Today we are working with various family service centres to identify families who are in need of such support so that their children are able to enjoy the same level of support as their peers. We pride ourselves in partaking in social missions which align with our mission to provide educational support to each student. We have worked with Fei Yue Family Service Centre to deliver complimentary enrichment classes for at-risks youths. With a meaningful social mission ingrained in our company, we are able to provide accessible and affordable enrichment services to our learners.