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Happy Tutors is known for its proven track record in enhancing the academic performance of students. Our English tutors are trained ex-MOE teachers and subject specialists with outstanding academic backgrounds in English and English-related fields. They motivate students to find their inner drive and desire to acquire a better grasp of the language, and express themselves fluently.  

Our students don’t just attain mastery in the subject, they develop a love for the English language and enjoy expressing themselves and learning more about the world around them!

What You Can Expect In Our English Tuition Classes:

  • Patient and motivating tutors who genuinely take time to educate each student
  • Engaging and effective lessons
  • Small group classes with focused individual attention
  • Pace ahead of syllabus for students to gain an advantage in school
  • Rigorous practice using our vast library of quality resources and practice papers


Our English Tutors Develop The Following Competencies In Each Child:

 Critical Thinking Creative Content Fluent and Sharp Writing  Strong Personal Voice
Each child is encouraged to think critically and develop well-balancfed points of view that convey understanding and a good grasp of social issues. Students will gain exposure to possible storylines and different ways of thinking. This will inspire them to come up with creative ideas that will set their essays apart from their peers while still adhering to the MOE required style of writing. Students are taught to keep their writing tight and concise. They will learn to produce effective, persuasive essays with grammar that is accurate and vocabulary that is both accurate and exact. Our tutors help students to discover their own personal voice to inject personality and character into their writing to make their essays come alive!


In our English lessons, many important skills are developed to enhance a student’s language proficiency and communication abilities. The above four skills are often emphasized and cultivated in various ways. 

Critical Thinking:

Our English lessons encourage critical thinking by engaging students in critical thinking activities that require analysis, evaluation and interpretation of texts. Students are often prompted to ask questions, examine different perspectives and develop their own opinions. In the process, they will learn to assess the credibility and reliability of sources. Through discussions, debates, and close reading exercises, students can refine their ability to think critically and make informed judgments about literature, media, and real-world issues.

English Critical Thinking

Creative Content:

Our English lessons foster creativity by providing opportunities for students to express themselves through various forms of writing, such as essays, short stories, poems, and scripts. Students are encouraged use their imagination to develop unique ideas and communicate them effectively. They will learn to experiment with language and craft compelling narratives. They will also be assign with open-ended assignments that encourage students to explore their creativity, allowing them to develop their own writing style.

Fluent and Sharp Writing:

We focus on developing fluent and sharp writing skills that emphasises on grammar, vocabulary, sentence structure, and coherence. This will help students express their thoughts clearly, concisely and coherently. They will practice how to organise their ideas logically, using appropriate transitions, and maintaining a consistent tone throughout their writing.

Strong Personal Voice:

We encourage students to develop a strong personal voice by fostering individuality and self-expression. Students are encouraged to reflect on their experiences and values and incorporate them into their writing. They will learn to convey their individual perspectives and engage the reader with their personal voice. Teachers will provide guidance on balancing personal expression with effective communication, enabling students to develop a writing style that is both engaging and reflective of their personality.

Primary School and PSLE English Tuition

Primary English Tuition

English is one of the most important subjects in school. Since it is the mode of instruction for all subjects, a poor grasp of the English language may impede your child’s performance in other subjects.

As the main language in Singapore and the global lingua franca, English is crucial for your child to excel in the outside world.

English tuition classes at Happy Tutors are taught by trained ex-MOE English teachers and subject specialists with outstanding academic backgrounds in English and English-related fields.

Using tried and tested strategies, we help our primary school students lay the foundation to excel in English from young.

What’s in our Primary School English Tuition Classes?

There are 4 different components of the PSLE English paper, which test a variety of skills and content. We prepare our students intentionally and rigorously so that they can confidently tackle each component and excel.

Primary English components

Paper 1: Writing 

Our writing activities focus on developing basic writing skills and nurturing creativity.


  • Sentence formation: Students will practice on how to construct simple and compound sentences using appropriate vocabulary and grammar structures.
  • Guided writing: Teachers will provide prompts, story starters or picture stimuli to inspire students’ writing and guide them in organizing their ideas.
  • Creative writing: Students are encouraged to write imaginative stories, poems or descriptive paragraphs, allowing them to explore their creativity and develop their personal voice.
  • Editing and revising: Students will learn to review their own writing or peer’s writing, focusing on spelling, punctuation and grammar errors to make necessary revisions.
  • Journaling: Students will maintain personal journals to practice daily writing, express their thoughts and reflect on their experiences.

Paper 2: Language use and Comprehension

Our English lessons aims to enhance vocabulary, grammar and reading comprehension skills.


  • Vocabulary games and activities: To learn new words and reinforce their understanding.
  • Grammar exercises: Grammar concepts practices provided through interactive exercises, worksheets, and games focusing on basic sentence structure, verb tenses and parts of speech.
  • Reading comprehension tasks: Students will read short stories or informational passages, followed by comprehension questions, discussions and activities to develop reading comprehension skills.
  • Storytelling and role-play: Students will participate in storytelling sessions or role-play activities to improve their understanding of narratives, dialogue and contextual language use.

Paper 3: Listening comprehension

Activities aim to improve their ability to understand spoken English.


  • Storytelling and audio books: We provide audio resources to engage students in storytelling sessions or play audio books, allowing students to listen to stories and comprehend the content.
  • Listening exercises with visual aids: Students listen to short dialogues or descriptions accompanied by as pictures or drawings to reinforce comprehension.
  • Listening comprehension games: Interactive listening games to enhance students’ listening skills while making it enjoyable and engaging.

Paper 4: Oral examination

Our classes encourage students to express themselves verbally and develop their speaking skills.


  • Show and tell: Students will be tasked to share and talk about a personal item or picture, allowing them to practice describing objects and expressing their thoughts.
  • Group discussions: Students to participate in guided group discussions on various topics, expressing their opinions and listening to their peers’ perspectives.
  • Presentations and speeches: Students to prepare and deliver short presentations or speeches on topics of interest, building their confidence and public speaking skills.

Secondary School and O Levels English Tuition

English Tuition Secondary

At Secondary School level, students are expected to comprehend texts well and write fluently. The jump in expectations from primary school can be overwhelming for students who are not adequately prepared.

During Happy Tutors English tuition classes, we help our students excel throughout their Sec 1 to Sec 5 years by equipping them with strategies and practice exercises to develop higher-level comprehension and writing skills.

What’s in our Secondary School English Tuition Classes?

Our Secondary School English Tuition builds on the foundation laid at primary school to help students achieve a higher level of mastery of the English Language. Students are rigorously prepared to confidently tackle each component of the O/N Level English Paper.

Secondary English components

Paper 1: Writing 

Writing is a fundamental component in English. Students will be taught different types of writing such as essays, narratives, reports and letters to develop their writing skills.


  • Brainstorming and outlining: Students are encouraged to generate ideas and organise them logically by creating an outline before starting their writing.
  • Drafting and revising: Students will learn to write a first draft, then review and revise it for clarity and grammar.
  • Peer feedback and edits: Students with exchange their work with peers for constructive feedback and revise their drafts based on the feedback received.
  • Grammar and vocabulary exercises: Practice exercises for the use of appropriate grammar structures will be given and they will be taught to expand their vocabulary to enhance the quality of their writing.

Paper 2: Language use and Comprehension

We focus on developing students’ language proficiency and comprehension skills.


  • Grammar package: Lessons will cover grammar rules, tenses and sentence structure to improve students’ language accuracy.
  • Vocabulary building: Students learn new words and how to use them through context, word families, synonyms and antonyms.
  • Comprehension reading: Students will practice reading various texts, such as articles, stories, and poems, followed by comprehension questions to enhance their reading skills and understanding of the content.
  • Analysis and interpretation: Students will be taught how to analyze literary texts, identify literary devices and interpret their meanings to develop critical thinking and comprehension skills.

Paper 3: Listening comprehension

Listening comprehension is a crucial component.


  • Audio materials: Students listen to a variety of dialogues, interviews, podcasts and speeches to improve their listening skills.
  • Note-taking: Students will be taught effective note-taking skills and how to summarize information, extract key points and demonstrate understanding.
  • Comprehension exercises: Students will engage in exercises and discussions based on the audio material to check their comprehension, answer questions and discuss their thoughts and opinions.

Paper 4: Oral examination

We help students to demonstrate their spoken language skills and ability to express themselves effectively.


  • Discussions: Students participate in group discussions to practice expressing ideas, presenting arguments and engaging in conversations.
  • Presentation skills: Students will be tasked to prepare and deliver presentations on various topics to enhance their speaking skills, organization and clarity.
  • Pronunciation and intonation practice: Students will receive guidance on correct pronunciation, intonation and stress patterns to improve their oral communication.

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Our English Tutors:

Teacher Serene - Senior Teacher, PSLE Science, O Level Chemistry

Ms Serene Lim

Ms Serene Lim has been tutoring since 2008. Her dedication goes beyond teaching subject related content, often extending to give advice to her students on how to best cope with school and achieve greater performance.

For that reason, her students enjoy her classes tremendously as they feel really taken care of in her classes, propelling them to greater heights.

Teacher Serene - Senior Teacher, PSLE Science, O Level Chemistry

Ms Gladys Teo

Miss Gladys Teo has taught English and Phonics at various enrichment and tutorial centres prior to joining Happy Tutors as a tutor.

Equipped a respository of experience, Miss Gladys Teo ensures that her classes are engaging and interactive. She provides ample opportunities for learners to explore the complexities of the English language and interact with the resources she meticulously prepares.