Chemistry Tuition Classes

Student being taught Chemistry Concepts

A Level Chemistry Tuition

Our A-Levels and O-levels Chemistry lessons help students who are struggling to grasp and understand the concepts to prepare for their respective national examinations. 

We offer student-centric lessons according to each individual’s learning ability. Our tutors are experienced in their level of field and are able to respond to student’s queries and doubts quickly.

We ensure that each individual is on track to achieving their desired results in the long run. Our weekly focused practice sessions focus on helping students process the various information and achieve a high level of retention with the constant practices and revisions.

Our Chemistry tuition classes are engaging and are able to motivate students to do better.

For those who seek knowledge beyond their school’s offering, our vast library of selected Chemistry practice questions are available for our students’ additional practice.

What’s offered in our A Level Tuition Classes?

  • A proven method to understand Chemistry topics and solve problems effectively
  • Summaries and overviews of consolidated revision notes
  • Weekly Lecture, Tutorial, and Practice all-in-one sessions
  • A head start in learning of topics ahead of school to cope better
  • Concise notes meant to help students recall information easily
  • Selected Practice questions aimed at tackling the school exams and the A-Levels
  • Tutor support and helpline after class
Secondary Science Tuition

Our classes are designed to help students achieve better results in Chemistry by providing them with a comprehensive understanding of the subject and teaching them our proven techniques to excel in their studies.

At Happy Tutors Learning Centre, students will learn a range of techniques to help them tackle Chemistry questions effectively.

These techniques will include:

  1. Our proven method to understanding of key concepts
  2. Easier ways to memorise important information
  3. Developing critical thinking skills

Our experienced tutors will guide students through these techniques, providing them with the tools they need to excel in their examinations.

We provide:

  1. Weekly summaries that help students review key concepts. These summaries are designed to help students revise the material they have learned in class and reinforce their understanding of Chemistry.
  2. Curated practice question to help students test their knowledge and apply the techniques they have learned in class.

Our specially curated notes that are designed to help students review and reinforce the key concepts covered in class are tailored to the needs of our students, helping them focus on the most important information and concepts in Chemistry. Our experienced tutors are also available to answer any questions students may have about the notes or any school related homework questions.

At Happy Tutors Learning Centre, we believe that the key to understanding and do well in Chemistry is having helpful and experienced tutors who can guide students through their learning experience. Our tutors have many years of experience teaching Chemistry to students of all levels, and are dedicated to helping students achieve their academic goals.

Weekly Summaries for Chemistry:

Our lessons provide students an easy way to review their weekly progress, especially for students taking their national exams. We offer structured reviews of key concepts covered in class each week. Tailored specifically for O-Level and A-Level Chemistry exam preparation, these summaries are designed to reinforce understanding and retention of essential topics, ensuring students are well-prepared for their exams. 

Curated Practice Questions for Chemistry Exam Tuition:

Our curated practice questions are strategically selected to align with the Ministry of Education (MOE) Chemistry syllabus. These questions provide invaluable opportunities for students to test their knowledge, practice application of techniques, and prepare effectively for their exams. By engaging with these tailored practice questions, students can enhance their exam readiness and boost their confidence in tackling Chemistry exam questions.

Exam with A grade

Specially Curated Notes: 

Our specially curated notes cater to the specific needs of O-Level and A-Level Chemistry students, offering concise yet comprehensive coverage of key concepts essential for exam success. These notes are meticulously crafted to focus on the most important information relevant to the MOE Chemistry syllabus, helping students to efficiently review and reinforce their understanding. Designed for optimal exam preparation, these notes serve as invaluable resources for all students. 

Experienced Tutor Support:

With our experienced tutors, students receive personalised support tailored to their individual learning needs. Whether they require clarification on Chemistry concepts, assistance with exam techniques, or guidance on exam preparation strategies, our tutors are here to help. We offer tuition services for combined Chemistry, pure chemistry, from Secondary 1-4 and for JC students. Our tuition services are designed to equip students with the skills, knowledge, and confidence needed to excel in their Chemistry exams, ensuring they achieve their academic goals.

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