Bedok Reservoir Branch

Happy Tutors Bedok

Address: 609 Bedok Reservoir Road #01-646 S(470609)

Nearest MRT: Kaki Bukit MRT station

Chat with us! 6802 7696

Schools Nearby

Telok Kurau Primary School

2 min walk (130 m)

Damai Primary School

26 min walk (1.9 km)

Our Classrooms

Bedok Reservoir Classroom
Bedok Reservoir Classroom

Student Care at Bedok

Children at Happy Tutors Child Care
Children Drawing

In Happy Tutors SCC programmes, learners would be exposed to literacy activities and current affairs through weekly sharing of newspaper articles.

Additionally, they would also be engaged in gross and fine motor skills through outdoor activities and hands-on arts and craft. Meals during child care will also be provided with special emphasis on healthy, well balanced meals to ensure our learners receiver the adequate nutrients for their growing needs.

Children are also encouraged to develop independence and social skills during mealtimes by putting away and washing their cutlery/plates and cups after completing their meals.

At Happy Tutors, we offer interactive and comprehensive student care services for our learners. We ensure that our learners continue to thrive in a learner-centered environment that promotes academic-focused activities.

Dawn Ong

The centre uses technologies which facilitates the students learning. The teachers are experienced and are open to questions. i feel relieved being in Ms Serene’s class as we learn at our own pace and she tries to find out what went wrong in the exam and correct our mistakes / give us tips on overcoming exam stress. overall, the centre has conducive environment for learning

Natasha Sadimin

The teachers there are very nice and understanding. They also take time to explain each and every question in detail and give us tips to improve our answers or to solve the question. With the endless amount of worksheets avaliable, we can often practice our skills and see the improvement from our past grades. I also like that the teachers there are really encouraging and are willing to help us with any problem. Overall, my experience there was amazing :)).

Qi Qi Kwek

Happy Tutors genuinely cares for their students, the staff as well as teachers there always have students’ best interest at heart. The dedication of the team at Happy Tutors is apparent during lessons as they strive to bring out students’ potential. Overall, it is a learning centre equipped with professional staff providing good quality services.